Thursday, October 6, 2011

{wishing:birthday edition}

In another week I will be one year older...eeks! I thought it would be fun to do a birthday edition of wishing...and it goes like this...
A sewing machine.  Nothing fancy, just something that works for little, random projects.

Possibly glitter or these fabulous Grey Tom's!

This book caught my eye on  I'm all for having a budget in tip top condition, especially for the times.  This book was published in 1937 and is sure to have wise gems of knowledge on the topic! Plus who doesn't love a cute, vintage book for the coffee table?

 I'm a sucker for makeup! I love these MAC shades 'freshwater' and 'fig.1'. A great face primer would be superb.  

I'm so excited for birthday festivities! The tattoo appt. is made, and a group of us plan on going to the haunted corn maze and VooDoo doughnuts afterward.  It's sure to be an amazing birthday! :)

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