Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Today was just one of those days heavily reliant on soda. lol. 
I spent all yesterday evening baking up some pumpkin chocolate chip cookies with some fresh pumpkin a co worker so kindly supplied me from his farm. I was so excited to bring them to work but was so disappointed they didn't turn out as perfect as I wanted them to.  I always over think things but I just so wanted things to be beautifully perfect.  They said they were good, but I wanted them to turn out great I suppose.  It sounds incredibly stupid as I write this, but I get so excited to make things and I just have all this hope in the world that they look as amazing in my head as they do in life.  I want to do my absolute best on everything.
Add that tiny disappointment to coming home and stepping into a non-relaxing, cluttered room.  Our house can not get done any faster for this girl.  There is so much stuff in our room that has no place to be put.  No nook or shelf to neatly put things.  It was like this before but not this bad.  We recently took a bunch of stuff that was neatly "placed" in a corner downstairs and brought it upstairs. We live in this open loft which we rent so we don't have many options storage wise.  Coming home and going to bed in all this clutter is driving me cranky.   Work is so hard on my body, I barely have enough energy to make dinner or clean the kitchen.  I just feel so lazy sometimes when I can't come home and continue to work and do what needs to be done around the home. Oh new house your only a couple months away!!
Well, that's my vent! You have those days that you can snap any negativity out of your head, and those like today....where I think I should take a nice bath and go to bed! hahahaha. I guess a little bad should make its way on to a blog about one's life.  It's nice to just write out your frustrations, and then move on.  Put all your worries in a bubble and blow it away.  If anyone is out there..Thanks for listening! :)


  1. Dude, I totally have those days when you bake something and work so hard and then..it's just mediocre. such a bummer. Hoping for a better tomorrow for you! :) - K

  2. Thank you Kayla! I totally feel so much better today. I completely needed sleep LOL :)


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