Sunday, July 31, 2011

Baby shower keepsake

I'm hosting a baby shower for a dear friend, who is expecting her second child but first girl.  The inspiration behind the shower was very simple, my friend absolutely loves pink and her daughter's nursery is decorated with a "princess" motif.  I chose a crown as a nod to a "princess" and of course everything is pink! 

Another friend's past shower had tree branches that held small paper leaves to write a message to the baby.  I loved that idea and chose to replicate it for this shower.  I traced pink, paper crowns and cut them all out.  I then made a simple ribbon board for guests to place their messages on.  The mother can then hang the board in the nursery or simply put the messages in the baby's book.  It was very easy and is a great option for extra decor at the shower!  Here are some steps in photos to make your own:

Things you will need:
foam board, glue gun, glue sticks, ribbon, and fabric
I cut a foam board into a rectangle in the size I thought would work best.
 cut fabric allowing for extra on all sides of board to fold and glue into place.
Glue middle portion of each side to board making sure to pull taut.
 Make sure to finish corners neatly so as to make a clean edge
I find it easier to start with the middle ribbon and work to the outside. Glue in place making sure, again, to pull taut.
 Once you have all the ribbon you would like going one diagonal, the next step is to cut and weave ribbon going the opposite diagonal. Pull taut and glue in place.
 I glued a ribbon to the back to hang it on the wall to display all the lovely messages from the guests.  

I know proper ribbon boards are made with plywood and batting but for the purposes of quick and easy shower decor I used a simpler version. :)  i can't wait to show you lovelies the end result of the shower!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

10 Things

Since I'm so new to blogging, I thought it would be fun to post 10 things you may not know about me. I hope I surprise you!

1. Growing up I had a huge desire to be athletic.  I wanted to be a gymnast and do ballet.  I didn't have the opportunity to then but once I got to college I took some classes and absolutely loved it. 
2.  The bigger the sunglasses the better.
3.  I have 14 different Clue games. I love the game itself, the illustrations, and the joy of collecting something unique.

4.  Although my husband as a lot, I have no tattoos but am hoping this is the year I get my first!
5.  I love party planning, hosting, and gift giving.      
6.  I am a citizen of 3 countries.  The US, The UK, and Italy. I reside now in Oregon, but my heart belongs to England.
dad & i having our first fish'n'chips

 7.  My husband and I are self-taught, amateur cake decorators.

our baby shower 'baby bump' cake

8.  I have never had the chicken pox.  The only family member to have had it is my dad, when he was little. My mom is naturally immune. Weird huh? 
9.  My favorite book character of all time is Anne Shirley from Anne of Green Gables.  Her imagination inspires me.  She never had much but her imagination made her rich.
elle était très chic
10.  Other than Agatha Christie stories and Edgar Allan Poe, my other favorite topic of reading is the French Revolution.  I studied French in college because I  I fell in love with the language and history, and wanted to read so much more.

Love & Marriage

Best Man & Maid of Honor
This past weekend, we had the privilege of attending and participating in our friends' wedding.  The weather was gorgeous and so was the wedding.  The Mr. even agreed to a slow dance.  The Mr. actually loves to get dressed up and he looked so great. We did a combined speech for the couple and it turned out great. We aren't much of public speakers but we included funny, memorable moments with the couple and they laughed and even teared up. It was a really special evening.

all dressed up
Our special weekend wasn't over yet, the Mr. & I celebrated our first wedding anniversary! We have a 5 day vacation coming up next month, so we decided to plan a mini-getaway for the rest of the weekend.  We brought some bubbly and spent the night in Salem at the Grand Hotel. We also went out to Cinebarre for a dinner and movie combo.  It was our first time going to Cinebarre and it was great.  We watched 'Horrible Bosses' while nom-ing on a burger(for the Mr.), Gruyere grilled cheese(for me) and a refreshing beer.  While we were only 20 min away from home I pretended every minute we were away on vacation and it sure was nice.  I can't wait for all the other anniversaries there will be to celebrate. I feel so lucky.
checking out the amenities

I love celebrating with a toast

we brought along our flutes from our wedding

Sunday, July 17, 2011

whirlwind shower

*disclaimer: i do not have a good camera and am not a photographer(which doesn't help things) lol ;)

The soon-to-be Mr. & Mrs. are getting married this weekend! So yesterday was the couples party day.  My husband is Best Man and I am Maid of Honor.  We've been planning the parties for months and preparing for weeks. The weather didn't' cooperate so the shower was held indoors at the bride's parent's home.  Here are just a few photos I could snag in-between setting up.

favors included a small champagne glass filled with Jordan Almonds, and a purple cake pop with black sparkles
banners saying "soon to be Mrs. W" and "Mr. & Mrs." were hung
the bride's mother prepared a fantastic ice cream bar!

my mum helped make pretty tissue poms courtesy of a Kelly Hicks tutorial

My dear friend Miss Beth was gracious enough to help me unload, load up, set up, and assist with games! I really hope the bride liked everything!  It's been a whirlwind of a week. I'm looking forward to my own wedding anniversary and a little R & R. :)

Friday, July 1, 2011

blogs of note

I wanted to share two blogs that I think are absolutely amazing. Definitely worth checking out. 
If your house were on fire, what would you save? What would you take with you on your journey forward?  Well...over at The Burning House people fill the blog with pictures (and accompanying lists) of what they would take with them.  As they say, it's a mixture between the "practical, valuable, and sentimental."  Here is a glimpse at a few...

The 2nd blog is a glimpse of the past.  Over at Dear Photograph people send in a photograph, of a photograph being held at the same spot it was taken.  Harder than I thought to explain in type ha ha ha.  People send in such sweet, cherished photos of their loved ones, accompanied with thoughtful captions.  A completely different take on reminiscing the past with more than just paper.  Well here are some'll get the picture :) (couldn't resist, you know you love it!)

Both blogs are stellar ideas, and something I would love to contribute to. Have a lovely weekend!