Thursday, September 22, 2011


 Finally got to try the new self-serve yogurt shop in town. I'm pretty sure half the options ended up in either mine or Mindy's cup!
 Presenting Lot 17...soon to be the Home of this Mr. & Mrs.!
 We finally got to visit one of my best friends and her husband at her home on the coast this past Saturday. This was my 2nd time getting to see her son Eli, who is adorable and growing so fast.  I was so happy to get a chance to chat and get caught up.
Our friends just make the most beautiful babies! Darling Annabelle was dedicated at church this Sunday, and we couldn't have been more excited to be invited to witness it.  She was all dressed up in her mama's childhood dress and a cute white bonnet.

My coach's at work know how to drop hints at wanting baked goods to make an appearance at work. So Sunday night I decided to bake up some cookies with some Reese's minis inside! 

This weekend was both good and bad.  A grandmother left us this weekend, a migraine and stress decided to visit, but we are all on the mend and focusing on all the yummy and exciting things that are filling our lives. I'm so grateful for all of our friends and how strong our friendships grow as we all grow up together.  Hope you all are having a lovely week. :]

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Is the work week over yet? no? uggggg. This lady needs a break! I'll just keep dreaming of these lovely 'ziggy' things to pass the time. :]

I NEED the yellow one for my new living room!

my ziggy love is now an obsession! this is too cute and chic

I'll throw a party just to use these...

so pretty and perfect for snuggling!

Dream on lovelies!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

{sign off}

I'm super excited today! I get to use my nifty, yet incredibly small, amount of sign language at work! I'm pretty stoked.  I've taken a couple classes since middle school and have always loved learning more and more.  I've never really gotten to use it, or expand my knowledge of signs until now.  The warehouse where I work just recently hired an employee who is deaf.  Although he had the use of interpreters for the first couple of weeks he no longer has one and is communicating by lip reading and reading/writing.  It took me some time to get the courage up to introduce myself in sign as I'm a bit shy and not very confident in my signing abilities, but I finally did it and was so happy I did.  He was taken aback in excitement that someone could sign a little and finger spell.  Today was the first day I actually got to help with some training in a different area of the warehouse.  One of my coaches (supervisors) is actually trying to learn signing at home too.  I learned some great signs today;
Bat-yes we sometimes have some little ones flying around! I personally think they are super cute.
Shipping-referring to one of our departments
i need to learn the essentials of course!
Pallet- as in the wooden pallets we stack product on
Oregon and Texas- where we live and where he moved from
and a lot more! At least I'm trying to remember them all. :)
I have tons to learn but hoping I can be somewhat helpful as I go.

Sunday, September 11, 2011


Although the Mr. and I had to work overtime on Saturday[ :(  ] we did have a pretty good weekend.  Friday we got all dressed up for a wedding. My hubby has been friends with the groom since childhood so it was really special to witness.  It was downtown just a few blocks from our home in a gorgeous old building.  We sipped beers and champagne, and munched on cake pops and homemade candy. 

Saturday was a tough work day, so we decided on a date night.  Once a month we like to treat ourselves to a fancy dinner out on the town for our dating anniversary.  Yeah it's cheesy but we love to get dressed up and get a fancy meal and drink.  Saturday marked 32 months of being together so we drove to a restaurant that a friend manages, out of town, for a late night dinner. We shared a lot of laughs catching up with our friend.

One of my all time favorite things is driving around at night.  The combination of car and street lights, starry skies, a favorite CD playing, and exchanging smiles without saying a's the most romantic feeling,
Sunday was our productive day. After sleeping in we decided to finalize the color and accent options for our new home.  Then headed to the store for the week's lunches and steak to marinade.  The cars got washed and cleaned out.  We baked cookies for people at work.  To cap off the weekend it's the new episode of The Great Food Truck Race and the mistakes under baked cookies!

Monday, September 5, 2011

{little time;too many papers}

The home buying process is well on it's way, but one little (or not so little) stack of papers is driving a wedge in our progress.  Today we came home from a 10 hour shift, scrambling for two year old tax papers to add to our heap of papers spread on our ottoman.  That's right folks, this paperwork stuff means business.  So many papers they need for one teeny pre-approval! Ah! I've moved more than 14 times in the current city I live in...yes 14.  That doesn't even count the other states/countries I've lived in before that.  I am wanting this permanent move more than anything.  With moving so much though, paperwork is sometimes hard to locate.  Luckily after sighing heavily and trying not to explode the Mr. found the magic folder!  Now we have everything together (30 pages *smacks forehead*) all ready to fax.  This little frustrating episode brought about many mental pictures involving beautifully stacked shelves of neatly organized boxes and files.  One day soon.
All images from Home Trend Design/Ikea