Tuesday, October 11, 2011

{my weekend}

This weekend was awesome! The hubby and I went on a date night to see "What's Your Number"...
It was pretty good, not hilarious, but entertaining enough.  We painted pumpkins! Probably my most favorite part of the weekend.  The Mr. did a bubbling cauldron over flames, and I did a haunted house in the moonlight.  I'm not a spectacular painter, but hey it was festive! :)

We made a delicious dinner of rosemary chicken, mushrooms in white wine sauce and baby red potatos...so yum. 

And...this weekend I found the cutest Owl clip! I thought it was very fall-esque. :)

Throw in a family game of Scrabble and there you have it!  We should really do that more often. 
As fun as weekends are, weekdays bring collapsing on the couch, blog catch ups, quick dinners, and watching way too much awful and un-educational tv....which means I should probably get back to my E news ;)

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