Saturday, October 22, 2011


It took 26 years but I finally took the leap and got my first tattoo.  My husband has quite a few.  He is going to be finishing up one sleeve this December.  A while back my siblings and I decided we would each get something for each other.  We threw around ideas and always came back to a Fleur de lis.  We've gone through a lot together and became very close once we all became adults. I am the oldest of 4, and the Fleur de lis has 3 points, one for each sibling, not including ourselves.  We've each gotten a different design and added initials.  My youngest brother was the first. He included an R for me, A for our other brother Afton, and an M for our sister Marisa.
Marisa was the next.  She added a C for our dad Calvin, and a G for our mum Giuliana.  The G is also tattooed just like the way my mum writes hers. 

And then came mine. It took forever for me to decide on a design. I kept going back and forth, over analyzing everything. lol I really wanted a certain look.  I added my husband's initial to the bottom, and hope to add our children's initials on either side, if we are so blessed.  At first I tried to draw out what I wanted, but it proved more difficult than I thought. In the end I chose the Firenze Fleur de lis, which I felt fitted since it is an Italian design.  

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