Monday, March 5, 2012

{DIY wall art}

This weekend I got to do another project inspired by Pinterest! Supplies? A Goodwill frame, chevron printed paper from Craft Warehouse, and a borrowed label maker. :] In my version I decided on a few lyrics from a Juliana Theory song. It was played at our wedding when we walked back down the aisle as "husband & wife"! At the end I included our special date just to make it more of a memento. Super easy and I absolutely love the look.

 "We're at the top of the world, you & I.  We've got a lot of time and it sure feels right."

Sunday, March 4, 2012

{New Listening}

I've found a few new songs I'm really loving right now, and maybe you will too? :]

blog by Rachel on Grooveshark
:CIVIL TWILIGHT: are a group I found while browsing iTunes. I love the bass in this song and have a soft spot for the very 'Bono' sounding voice of the lead singer.
:PAPER LIONS: My sister found this group. I like their light, almost Beatle-esque sound.
:ROBERT SCHWARTZMAN: Front man of Rooney(love) who just came out with his first solo album 'Double Capricorn'. I'm looking forward to seeing him later this month in Eugene!
:ARCADE FIRE: I just love the sound and feeling of this song. Good crafting song for me.
:ZOOEY DESCHANEL: Love her personality. Love her show. Absolutely love her voice.