Sunday, September 11, 2011


Although the Mr. and I had to work overtime on Saturday[ :(  ] we did have a pretty good weekend.  Friday we got all dressed up for a wedding. My hubby has been friends with the groom since childhood so it was really special to witness.  It was downtown just a few blocks from our home in a gorgeous old building.  We sipped beers and champagne, and munched on cake pops and homemade candy. 

Saturday was a tough work day, so we decided on a date night.  Once a month we like to treat ourselves to a fancy dinner out on the town for our dating anniversary.  Yeah it's cheesy but we love to get dressed up and get a fancy meal and drink.  Saturday marked 32 months of being together so we drove to a restaurant that a friend manages, out of town, for a late night dinner. We shared a lot of laughs catching up with our friend.

One of my all time favorite things is driving around at night.  The combination of car and street lights, starry skies, a favorite CD playing, and exchanging smiles without saying a's the most romantic feeling,
Sunday was our productive day. After sleeping in we decided to finalize the color and accent options for our new home.  Then headed to the store for the week's lunches and steak to marinade.  The cars got washed and cleaned out.  We baked cookies for people at work.  To cap off the weekend it's the new episode of The Great Food Truck Race and the mistakes under baked cookies!

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