Monday, September 5, 2011

{little time;too many papers}

The home buying process is well on it's way, but one little (or not so little) stack of papers is driving a wedge in our progress.  Today we came home from a 10 hour shift, scrambling for two year old tax papers to add to our heap of papers spread on our ottoman.  That's right folks, this paperwork stuff means business.  So many papers they need for one teeny pre-approval! Ah! I've moved more than 14 times in the current city I live in...yes 14.  That doesn't even count the other states/countries I've lived in before that.  I am wanting this permanent move more than anything.  With moving so much though, paperwork is sometimes hard to locate.  Luckily after sighing heavily and trying not to explode the Mr. found the magic folder!  Now we have everything together (30 pages *smacks forehead*) all ready to fax.  This little frustrating episode brought about many mental pictures involving beautifully stacked shelves of neatly organized boxes and files.  One day soon.
All images from Home Trend Design/Ikea

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