Tuesday, September 13, 2011

{sign off}

I'm super excited today! I get to use my nifty, yet incredibly small, amount of sign language at work! I'm pretty stoked.  I've taken a couple classes since middle school and have always loved learning more and more.  I've never really gotten to use it, or expand my knowledge of signs until now.  The warehouse where I work just recently hired an employee who is deaf.  Although he had the use of interpreters for the first couple of weeks he no longer has one and is communicating by lip reading and reading/writing.  It took me some time to get the courage up to introduce myself in sign as I'm a bit shy and not very confident in my signing abilities, but I finally did it and was so happy I did.  He was taken aback in excitement that someone could sign a little and finger spell.  Today was the first day I actually got to help with some training in a different area of the warehouse.  One of my coaches (supervisors) is actually trying to learn signing at home too.  I learned some great signs today;
Bat-yes we sometimes have some little ones flying around! I personally think they are super cute.
Shipping-referring to one of our departments
i need to learn the essentials of course!
Pallet- as in the wooden pallets we stack product on
Oregon and Texas- where we live and where he moved from
and a lot more! At least I'm trying to remember them all. :)
I have tons to learn but hoping I can be somewhat helpful as I go.

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