Thursday, February 16, 2012

{Sick Day}

I took a 'medical day' from work today cause this lady is getting sickly. :/ Luckily it's not too bad, so I'm thankful for that!
Today consisted of
::a warm mocha
::getting chores done(yay!)
::watching 'Hello Dolly' for the first time(so good)
::getting a sweet Valentine from one of my BFF's
::getting caught up on 'Dance Moms'(I know, I know I can't help it)
::California rolls
::buying my first rolls of Washi tape :D

I'm looking forward to tomorrow with the hubby.  I finally get to give my sister her birthday present! It's only been 3 weeks since accidentally purchasing a gift from China?? Yeah I didn't read the shipping info very well...oops. Hahaha.  Uh, it's pretty freaking cool so no worries, she's going to forgive me :]  My Mr. surprised me on Valentine's Day with my first place setting of Fiesta Ware in Scarlet, so tomorrow he said that we can go purchase a second! I'm thinking of picking up a turquoise this time.  Oh the choices!  I will hopefully be back tomorrow to post the finished look of my paint chip art..hooray! Night!

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