Sunday, February 19, 2012

{Paint Chip Wall Art}

I love the vibrancy of paint chips, so I often browse websites for creative ideas to use them.  Before we bought the house I know I wanted to frame some but it wasn't until I saw Rachel from Smile and Wave's tutorial featured here on A Beautiful Mess.

Isn't her's gorgeous!? I love the softer colors she used.  My bedroom is painted gray and has pops of yellow and red, so I wanted to go bright with additions of gray.  I included lyrics from my favorite Beatles' song; "in my life i love you more".  My mother-in-law has a wonderful Cricut that I take advantage of as much as I can, now that I know how to work it.  It was really tedious to tape all the squares down but for my first attempt I am super proud.  I included the paint color names in mine because that's one of my favorite parts about paint chips.  You can however trim to size like Rachel's!

Here is the completed look! :]

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