Friday, November 11, 2011

{Leopard Nails Tutorial}

Start with a solid color base. I used OPI's 'Chocolate Moose', to create a neutral color scheme.
Add random dots of a brighter or metallic color complimentary to your base shade. I used a Gold Metallic OPI shade so it would stand out from the matte base color.

Now step #3 really takes a steady hand but it's worth it!  Take a black color, I used a cheap halloween black I found in my polish box, and make open ended circles around your spots.  The more uneven your lines are the better! Add some small dots of black to fill in blank spaces to complete the print.

Lastly, coat with a clear top coat like China Glaze 'Fast Forward' to set the design.

A pink and black color scheme would look amazing with this! Give it a try! :]

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