Monday, August 29, 2011

Weekend of celebrations!

My dear lovelies it was quite the weekend!  The Mr. & I have some exciting news...we have begun the process of purchasing our first home!  We are so excited and really nervous...hahaha.  We are having a new home built and are in the beginning stages of picking out our new home's features. Fun stuff! It is definitely new terrain so we having been researching and budgeting till our brains hurt.  It is going to be worth it, I can't wait!
We attended our 3rd Festa Italiana in Portland Oregon!  I was born in Naples, Italy where my Nonno (mother's father) is from, and where my mum spent most her life growing up.  My mother's boyfriend is also Italian, growing up in the Pugliese region.  The food, music, and sunshine was wonderful.  My husband looks forward to it every year and it's become a treasured tradition.  We also found some great articles of clothing that we have been on the hunt for, for ages at the mall near the square...score!!

A daddy holding his sweet little girl
What else could possibly happen on this wonderful weekend? Our friend's welcomed their little girl, Annabelle, into the world! I woke up Sunday morning to an excited text that she was here.  I promptly woke up the husband, and we made our way to the hospital to hold their new little one.  She is so precious.

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