Wednesday, August 17, 2011

R & R

What a wonderful escape we had! The Mr. and I headed, Wednesday last week, to Medford to visit my sister.  It was a stop on our way to visit the Mr.'s sister and brother-in-law in Reno.  It was a great visit! My sister made us dinner, took us to the movies, and also to The Cupcake Factory.  We went antique browsing and overall had a ton of fun in our short stay.  Next stop: Reno!  I wouldn't say we relaxed much on the 2nd part of our trip.  We walked around town looking at the cars entered into Reno's Hot August Nights, hiked up a mountain, and also to the bottom of Lake Tahoe to view the Vikingsholm, and visited The Washoe Club and cemetery in Virginia City  We went to bed at night so sore! It was a great time though.  I had the best Margarita EVER at Great Basin Brewery, Tahoe was beautiful, and better yet we felt rejuvenated after getting a change of scenery.  I missed our bed but other than that I could've stayed forever! Here are some photos of our adventure;
the Mr.'s dream's even tattooed on him

10 miles round-trip...over 9,800 ft/elevation...brutal, but the moon was so pretty
The haunted Washoe Club
Virginia City Cemetery
My sister Marisa
vacation means indulgence right?? ;)

Catch ya later lovelies.

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