Sunday, May 1, 2011

modern + vintage=love

So, being that the hubby and I are newly weds, we are putting together our little love nest one piece at a time.  I get so excited every time we save up for something we've been eyeing that we know would fit us just perfectly.  We currently live in a loft, but are dreaming of a wonderful little house we can make a home for a LONG while!  We are so ready to settle down in one spot, and to put everything in its place.

It's been spring cleaning time at the Orr home.  We bought some new storage containers and we are ready to shed excess clutter like no one's business!  We recently bought a shredder which is a must!  We get so much crap mail, hahaha, and we have some *ahem* salvage-rs that regularly look through our loft's community dumpster.  We have a great big box of shredding material that we are ready to consolidate.

Our main features in our living space are pretty modern.  The first is our TV base, from IKEA, in a black/brown finish.  Our second is a large micro-suede sectional in chocolate brown, with matching ottoman.  We wanted to break up the clean-modern with the quirky-comfy vintage.  We have yet to buy the other pieces to the entertainment center, but once we do we will have some wonderful shelving space to show off some great pieces.  One of which is a carved, ornate head of a woman that my dad bought in Germany and had fallen to it's demise when I was younger, only to be salvaged by a smart me!  My sis in law is fixing it up with a little putty and we are gonna give it a spray of a wonderful bronze color to bring it back to life with some luster!  More on that project later ;)     Here are a few details of things that we have, and also things we want to add to make a perfect space for the two of us!

so perfect for our lamp stand or entertainment center

i love adding different prints for more interest

these are exquisite and the yellow color is so vibrant and cheery

 Basically it looks like a bunch of random things together right now, but all this inspiration is going to make us one perfect room for two.  Have a lovely week!

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