Tuesday, May 17, 2011

cozy and eclectic inspiration

There are some great antique shops just down by our loft that I am dying to scour. I am currently loving mustard yellow tones, as well as greenish greys (like below).  I really want to bring in the great colors of old books and vintage prints to hopefully achieve the cozy + eclectic look.  This is what's inspiring me... 

I love the exposed beams, colored couch & seats.

I love the layout of the clock & frames...so beautiful.
The hutch is absolutely stunning in this room.

the modern chair fits so well against the simplicity.

I really need to get some antique luggage.

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  1. Hey lady, not sure if you have ever heard of Real Deals?? but there is one in Corvallis and one in Salem I believe. The one in Corvallis is open on Thursday and Saturday only and they have super cute home decor for cheap! Lots of inspiration to be had at Real Deals...


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