Friday, April 13, 2012

{Green Sewing}

I'm super excited to show you a little project I did today.  A while back my husband asked me about our Swiffer Wet Jet, and the disposable pads that go on it.  We were running out and my husband didn't like the fact that we just buy them to throw away, so he wanted to have something we could throw in the wash instead. My Mr. is such a good cleaner(the dishes are clinking as we speak *yay*).  We picked up a whole pack of large washcloths a few weekends ago that fit the length of the mop head perfectly.  Today while shopping at the grocery store I picked up some adhesive, Velcro squares.  These worked out so well because there was no need to pin them in place while I stitched them to the fabric.  I just did a simple X over the Velcro and they were done! Here are a few photos of the finished re-usable mopping pads. 

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