Thursday, April 12, 2012


Mom & I got to go to Wicked!! I was so excited! I had read the book last year and have been hearing such amazing things about the musical.  It was incredible and so much fun. p.s is my mama not adorable?

My brothers came down to visit and have some Easter fun last weekend.  My overtime at work thankfully got cancelled, so we made plans for dinner and egg dying!  Our little creations are pretty awesome if you ask me. ;) Not that I love my little bro getting hurt and not being able to work but we get to hang out so much more and it's pretty sweet lol.  He's on the mend so no worries :D

Dustin's little brother is turning 21, so the family booked a flight to Las Vegas!  I was nervous at first but vacation sounds soooo good.  The hubby and I got his & her luggage and got our itinerary all set.  This will be Dustin's first flight! I'm so excited for him.  Flying is one of my absolute favorite things. 

This week I made some Red Velvet cake pops for work.  They were so delicious. Here's the link for Bakerella's easy and amazing recipe. Your friends and family will love you.

Tomorrow is Guest Room day.  Here's to getting the painting finally done & here's to a productive weekend!


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