Friday, December 2, 2011


Our apartment notice is in: we are finally in transition mode! The next couple weeks are going to be full of organizing all of our extra stuff, so that it is all ready to be driven off to the new house.  I imagine it now to be this neatly organized process, but I'm sure it may be a mad scramble.  With work, Christmas, and cleaning the apartment after it is empty we have quite the work load.  It is so worth it though! It's starting to become real.  Seeing the house in almost its complete state, writing out our last ever rent's amazing!  The paperwork and loan stuff has been such a headache but that first night in our very own home will make it seem like some distant blur of a memory.  The holidays this year won't be as eventful but bring on the new year! I am so ready! The hubby and I used up our vacation hours for the first week of January. All we have to do is get through this last month.  I don't like asking Santa for much at Christmas time because giving gifts is my favorite part, but with such a big move I would be more than appreciative to Santa for a couple of these...

Any bit helps right? :)

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