Sunday, January 15, 2012

{DIY vinyl bookends}

After a long week we finally got everything moved in to our new home! We were without internet and cable for a while but we've finally got it back. This was probably for the better since we had so much stuff to put away and set up.  The break from the media was hard but actually kind of nice.  We spent our vacation putting IKEA furniture together, hanging frames and curtain rods, and just enjoying each other and making a home.

  I had been browsing Etsy in the weeks prior to moving for some fun home decor and came across some  awesome book ends made out of vinyls.  I got an immediate flashback of my friend in high school who had discovered melting vinyls to make neat bowls in the oven, and thought these bookends would be a really simple project for the new space.  I have a small collection of vinyls and have had them just laying atop the bookshelf.  I checked out Goodwill and grabbed a couple random vinyls to mold.  I searched online for a quick way to mold them and found that all you needed was a sink full of boiling water!  Carefully pouring the boiling water in the sink and dipping the vinyls in took no time at all.  I just applied a small amount of pressure to bend the vinyl up to the
bottom of the label. ** Now I should have researched a little sink is sloped and had I looked for more tutorials I would have found that a heat resistant baking dish filled with water is the route you want to choose.  A solid wood block is also suggested to make a nice angle.  Regrettably one of my vinyls broke due to the weak angle created and the weight of my records.  All in all it was fun, and I now know how to do it correctly! Until I have a run to buy another vinyl to use I displayed my records using the one that survived lol.  I love the look and can't wait to experiment again! Do you have any vinyl DIY's?

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