Sunday, June 26, 2011

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Gosh, it's been forever since my last post. :(
I wish I had the type of time to lend to wonderful crafts and projects with which to fill this blog with, but alas I am a worker bee with time devoted to making a paycheck most days.  Progress has been made though!  My husband and I are celebrating 1 lovely year of marriage next month! Words can't explain just how amazingly lucky, blessed, loved, and devoted I feel about a year spent with this wonderful person.  It will also mark our 2 1/2 anniversary of being together.  Although we are working hard to save our pennies we are making big progress toward our future! It's hard just working a lot but it sure does pay off when thinking of the wonderful things we are paving the way for.  Just this past month we have been working toward paying off debt previous to our relationship, and really making a plan for some lovely things we plan to do.

We can't wait to purchase a home of our very own! I come from a very unstable childhood and have longed for ONE place to have all my things for a very long time! With this comes the decision to leave the town we have lived in for quite a while for some new scenery! A decision that a lot of people we know don't much like but, seriously, 20 min away at the most? C'mon people! :)

A sweet little baby to dote on! We so long for this opportunity but are taking it slow to ensure we have a firm foundation for such a blessing. We think this is not too far off though. ;)

Financial freedom to maybe invest in a business idea we have.  We love to be creative, and would dream of being able to do it for a living.  Maybe we can take a chance to make it happen!?

Although work is taking up a lot of time I am currently working on a Bridal shower for a close friend.  It's 3 weeks off and I am so excited to put all my little projects and ideas in play to give one hell of a party! :) That will be a fun post full of great pics...I hope! :) Have a lovely day!

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  1. I love that you and I are so similar when it comes to enhancing our life, slowly, but surely. I look forward to my future with my love as much as it seems you do with your Mr.


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