Tuesday, April 12, 2011


We have a great (almost) weekly event with our dear friends The Walters; B&B night.  Beer & Board game night consists of each couple buying a 6 pack and getting together for a game, taste testing new brew, and late night snacks!  We decided to switch it up this weekend and headed down the block to our local brewery.  It was so much fun! Live music, sharing all the great “tastes” we got, and fun conversation!  Our guys love to talk cars, and us girls just giggle about random stuff!  I can’t wait to do it again!  These friends are friends everyone should have.  We get together numerous times a month for morning coffee, old movies, B&B, and shopping trips!  Since living down-town, we have found tons of gems to go out and experience, but more sharing on that another time!
p.s. excuse the pics! they are from a phone… hopefully that will change soon lol


  1. This is an awesome idea- Beer and Boardgames!! haha. I am still keeping an eye out for a dirt cheap place downtown... I love being downtown too and definitely wish I was in walking distance.

  2. Rachel, you are such a breath of fresh air and believe me, we look forward to meeting up with you guys! It's the high point of a hectic week.


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